Friday, December 29, 2006

Free Will as Part of Nature: Habermas and His Critics

a special issue of Philosophical Explorations: An International Journal of the Philosophy of Mind and Action 10:1 (March 2007), edited by Joel Anderson


Joel Anderson, "Introduction"

Lead Article:

Jürgen Habermas, “The Language Game of Responsible Agency and the Problem of Free Will: How Can Epistemic Dualism Be Reconciled with Ontological Monism?” (trans. Joel Anderson)

Commentaries on Habermas's essay:

Randolph Clarke, "The Appearance of Freedom"
Michael Quante, "Habermas on Compatibilism and Ontological Monism: Some problems"
John Searle, "Neuroscience, Intentionality and Free Will: Reply to Habermas"
Timothy Schroeder, "Reflection, Reason, and Free Will"


Jürgen Habermas, “Reply to Schroeder, Clarke, Searle, and Quante” (trans. Joel Anderson)

[posting here due to its extreme importance, will eventually move to Habermasian resources]


Nick Z said...

Hi Avi,

This is a great Habermas resource you've put together here. A question: do you know if this March issue of PE is available yet, or do you have access to it? I'm currently in a course looking at the relationship between physicalism and agency, and since I write on JH a lot this exchange between JH and Clarke et al. could really benefit me. Thanks.

Nick Z said...

A recent draft of this paper can be found at the NYU Colloquium in Social, Political and Legal Philosophy.

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