Monday, November 13, 2006

Habermas' theory of communicative action

Abstract. The paper discusses the contribution of J. Habermas to the foundation of anew social paradigm in the form of the communicative action theory. The author firstgives a global survey of Habermas's intellectual development, starting from Marxthrough the critical theory to post-Marxism that Habermas finally left behind sinceoriented towards convergence and integration of the social action theory, the systemtheory and the symbolic interactionism theory.Unlike Marx's paradigm of production and social labor as the basic category Marxisttheory is built upon, Habermas has built a new paradigm of the communicative actionfocused upon the communicative mind, communication and rationality as well as thecommunicative community. The author critically points to the values as well as innerlimits of Habermas's theory that reduced a complex and controversial class nature ofthe society to the "communicative community" thus promoting idealistic worship of therole of the rational discourse.

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