Friday, October 27, 2006

Defending Habermas (1)

"In his story for Cicero magazine, journalist Jürgen Busche has obviously rekindled an old legend – that Jürgen Habermas swallowed an incriminating piece of paper from his Hitler Youth days that a colleague of his from the time, Hans-Ulrich Wehler, handed back to him after the war. It's pure fabrication, writes Christian Geyer, who having discussed the issue with Habermas and Wehler personally, describes the Cicero article as "fatuous". "Is this some attempt to milk the Grass affair by creating a buzz around Habermas? How cheap, how vulgar, how historically misleading. Busche does not have a single fact to back up this rumour that could even approach verification. Instead, in an absurd application of logic he takes the denial of Habermas and Wehler as proof of the 'crux of the matter' and jumps to the conclusion that something else must have been written on the paper other than standard bureaucratic print, something comprising."

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