Monday, July 25, 2005

Contemporary Pragmatism

An interesting new Journal on the theme of contemporary pragmatism

Rodopi is temporarily offering free online access to an issue -- Access this title now.

"Contemporary Pragmatism is an interdisciplinary, international journal for discussions of applying pragmatism, broadly understood, to today's issues. CP will consider articles about pragmatism written from the standpoint of any tradition and perspective. CP especially seeks original explorations and critiques of pragmatism, and also of pragmatism's relations with humanism, naturalism, and analytic philosophy. CP cannot consider submissions that principally interpret or critique historical figures of American philosophy, although applications of past thought to contemporary issues are sought. CP welcomes contributions dealing with current issues in any field of philosophical inquiry, from epistemology, philosophy of language, metaphysics and philosophy of science, and philosophy of mind and action, to the areas of theoretical and applied ethics, aesthetics, social & political philosophy, philosophy of religion, and philosophy of the social sciences. CP encourages work having an interdisciplinary orientation, establishing bridges between pragmatic philosophy and, for example, theology, psychology, pedagogy, sociology, economics, medicine, political science, or international relations. Two issues each year will be published, in the summer and winter seasons."

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Aporia said...

Cool blog :-)

As you might know, Oxford University Press has just released Habermas: A Very Short Introduction, by one James Gordon Finlayson of The University of York. It's a fine intro for a thinker as prolific and complicated as Habermas.

Aporia said...

By the way, I did a search and I'm surprised that Alasdair MacIntyre's name didn't come up!

Ali Rizvi said...

Hi Aporia,

I thought James was at Sussex now. Anyway good to hear the book has finally been released. I had the book pre-ordered for our library, so I should be getting it soon. The blog reflects what I am doing currently and obviously does not cover necessarily everything related to Habermas but yes you are right there should have been something on MacIntyre!

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