Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hegel’s Critique of Kant’s Moral Theory and Habermas’ Discourse Ethics.

Hegel’s Critique of Kant’s Moral Theory and Habermas’ Discourse Ethics,
by James Gordon Finlayson (available for download from here)


Gary E Davis said...

Thanks. But Finlayson is apparently lost to a pointless academicism: reading Habermas from within a Hegel-Kant problematic that's antedated by the formal-pragmatic background of discourse ethics, whose philosophical background is not TCA and not "transcendental" in any sense associable with Kant (rather in the cognitivist sense of capabilities in normal cognition).

I'm comforted in the end by Finlayson's misconceived reading, since I long ago found a way to preserve the aims of discourse ethics, concordant with Habermas' understanding of discourse ethics (which has a discourses-of-application component lost to Finlayson), but without the projective problems that Finlayson finds in his regressive reading of Habermas' discourse ethics.

Anonymous said...

Gary Davis says: "not 'transcendental' in any sense associable with Kant". Isn't that taking things a bit far? You are saying that Habermas's transcendental method owes *nothing* at all to Kant despite some obvious modifications? TO claim that the Kant-Hegel problematic has no relevance to discourse ethics is not serious.

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