Thursday, December 13, 2007

A list of best articles on Habermas

I want to list here some of my favourite articles on Habermas. I will add articles on continuous basis. Your addition/emendations are welcome. Articles aren't listed in any particular order.

1)Skjei, Erling 1985. "A Comment on Performative, Subject, and Proposition in Habermas's Theory of Communication." Inquiry 28: 87-105.

2)Freedom and recognition in Hegel and Habermas

3)Habermas’s Moral Cognitivism and the Frege-Geach Challenge in European Journal of Philosophy Volume 13 pp. 319-344

4) James Gordon Finlayson, "Modernity and Morality in Habermas's Discourse Ethics," Inquiry 43 (2000): 319-40.

5) Meaning and Truth in Habermas's Pragmatics

6) Patchen Markell (1997) CONTESTING CONSENSUS: REREADING HABERMAS ON THE PUBLIC SPHERE Constellations 3 (3), 377–400.

7)Maeve Cooke “Socio-Cultural Learning as a ‘Transcendental Fact’: Habermas’s Postmetaphysical Perspective”, International Journal of Philosophical Studies, vol. 9, no. 1, pp. 63-83.



HA said...

I have a problem: I haven't money and I want those papers. What can I do? :).

Ali Rizvi said...

hi ha, send me an email and I will see what can I do for you. best, ali.

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