Friday, June 23, 2006

Habermas' speech to the International Communication Association

"Philosopher Jürgen Habermas has delivered a speech in Dresden to the International Communication Association (ICA), and continued his until now only fragmentary reflections (more here) on the Internet, writes Dietmar Jazbinsek. "According to Habermas, online communication can only make a relevant contribution to political discourse if it deals with reporting in the established media. A positive example is the website (which reports critically on the Bild Zeitung - ed). The bildblog editors recently sent a bill for 2,088 euros to the online edition of the tabloid, for their unsolicited correction work. The theorist of communicative action really got a kick out of that gag."

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Gary said...

Dietmar Jazbinsek missed the point. Habermas' Bildblog example (end of ftn. 14 in his lecture) related to the allegedly "parasitical" (thus potentially harmful) role of online news groups in the "established public sphere." It was not something that Habermas got a kick from. Habermas' sense of the Internet seems parochial.

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