Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Kierkegaard-Habermas Debate

Commanded Love and Moral Autonomy: The Kierkegaard-Habermas Debate By Merold Westphal

The link courtesy of Online Kierkegaard Links


Anonymous said...

Loving Danish

Well, Westphal doesn't show a very accurate understanding of Habermas' sense of things. I wouldn't recommend the article to someone interested in Habermas---Kierkegaard maybe. (In fact, the 8-year-old article is largely about Kierkegaard.)

One should ask, by now, how valid is Habermas's reading of Kierkegaard, in chapter 1 of The Future of Human Nature. Maybe pretty valid. In any case, there's the location of an issue of "Kierkegaard-Habermas debate."


So, today, the Habermas Forum has been obscenely hacked. It just reminds me that childish vandalism is stupid. If ever there was an advocate for respect toward Islam in Europe, it is Habermas. But the Islamist radical has no time for understanding that tolerance goes both ways in a modern society. The whole "Danish" affair would make Kierkegaard turn in his grave.

Three cheers for European enlightenmet, I say.

Matt Scofield said...

thanks for the link, and that anon commenter seems informative too.

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