Friday, September 16, 2005

Critical Theory

I had not noticed the entry on Critical theory in Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy before. Thanks to Gary for the pointer. It should be a good read as James Bohman is a leading Habermas scholar in the English speaking philosophical world. His Ph.D. dissertation on Habermas was highly praised, among others by Habermas himself, at the time.

I am adding critical theory resources section on the sidebar.


Gary E. Davis said...

James Bohman is doing the Habermas article for The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, but late last year he didn't know when he'd get it done. The Encyclopedia depends on pro bono work.


Ali Rizvi said...

Yes, James bohman with William Rehg is doing that. It should be a good read.

The Standford Encyclopedia of Philosophy has become a major resource.

As far as I know, from couple of people in my department who have contributed, it goes through a lot of rigorous refereeing, and a lot of revisions before it is published.


Gary E. Davis said...

Interesting. William Rehg wasn't listed with James Bohman when I nagged Bohman about wanting to read his article, and he didn't say last year that he was collaborating with Rehg, so maybe I contributed to a wonderful advent.

Yeah, the referee process is partly why the Encyclopedia needs an endowment. Just look how many articles aren't yet online, and then consider the revision process and new article process that should be endless for this evolving entity: a potential milestone in the human archive complementary (as specialty) to the evolving generalist Britannica (which I nag from time to time about getting up-to-date here and there).

All readers: prod your university's support for building the Encyclopedia endowment. Once it's done, it's a legacy for the field.

for love of “archive fever” (Derrida),


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