Thursday, August 18, 2005

The first issue of Cosmos and History

Cosmos and History has just published their first issue. Go here to read the issu.


Clark Goble said...

It's too bad the Bruno article isn't in English. I wonder why they decided to do an issue in multiple languages like that.

Ali Rizvi said...


I will let Paul know of your concern and if he has to say anything I will let you know.


Ali Rizvi said...

Hi Clark,

Following is Paul's reply:

"On Bruno: I also wish the article was in English as I do not read Italian, nonetheless the project (and the future of the world in
general) is international and thus accepts that the majority of the world does not communicate in English and that rethink the current state of affairs will be a multi-lingual process. Having said that we do encourage the translation of articles both into and out of English."


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