Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Apel and Habermas

I am reading at the moment, among other things, Eduardo Mendieta's book on Apel entitled Adventures of Transcendental Philosophy: Karl-Otto Apel's Semiotics and Discourse Ethics. While reading the book the following caught my attention:

"In Jürgen Habermas' own words, " under the living philosophers no one has more lastingly determined the direction of my thinking that Karl-Otto Apel." This is a comment to a dedication that "explains itself": "To Karl-Otto Apel on completing the sixth decade of of teaching - with thanks for three decades of instruction (Belebrung)." These words of dedication and acknowledgment that Habermas' Moral Consciousness and Communicative Action carried on its original German edition were unfortunately omitted from the English translation." (p. 103).

Does anybody know why the dedication was omitted from the English translation?

Addendum: An interesting story of Mendieta's book told by Mendieta himself, can be found here. Incidentally it already provides a plausible answer to the question I had raised in the post. However, further information comments etc. are still welcome. Also see the following reviews of Mendieta's Apel book:

Problems and Prospects in Critical Theory: Eduardo Mendieta’s study of Karl-Otto Apel

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